Niccolo Cavoli

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Niccolo Cavoli

Friday January 26, 2024 7pm


Nick Cavoli graduated from a Jazz University of Rome in 2019, and has spent the last 7 years touring with several projects around Europe and the USA such as “Sleepwalker’s Station and MCFdM.  Since three years he is based in the city of Berlin, Germany and has established himself in the jazz scene playing in the main Jazz Clubs like Bflat and Schlot.
In January 2023 he has began to gig in New York City with his new band, playing in venues such as Winnie’s Jazz Bar, The Shrine and Fiction Bar. In April he returned to the city for another tour playing in venues such as: Festival cafe, Silvana, Fiction Bar, Starr Bar and the Porch.
About the project:
The idea of this quartet originally starts from the Italian trumpet player, who after moving from Rome to Berlin in 2020, establishes himself in the jazz scene of the new city. 
The band is very versatile and ready to adapt to any kinda situation and event. After years of experience and tours, they can always come up with the right music program for each specific venue. 
Band Members:
Niccolò Cavoli-trumpet
Oto Gvardjanvcic-piano
Stefano Battaglia-double bass
Finn Wiest-drums 



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