Brandon Suarez

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Brandon Suarez

Sunday, May 5, 2024 3:00pm


Brandon Suarez is one of the up and coming tenor saxophonists in NYC today.
Growing up in Miami and being from Cuba, Brandon was surrounded by a lot of Cuban
music and deeply rooted in that style. Even though he was brought up in that scene he
is truly able to express himself playing in the bebop idiom and swing era. Since Brandon
was very young he has always loved people like Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, John
Coltrane developed a concept at such a young age. This led him to perform and that
legendary Monterey Jazz Festival in Monterey California. Even though he was the
younger musician there, he was able to play with the great Eric Harland and Gerald
Clayton on the main stage. Also during the festival he was able to converse with Herbie
Hancock and talk about music. Brandon was just eighteen at the time but he was able
to communicate and play with some of the most leading Jazz musicians in the world.
When he first arrived in New York City he was lucky enough to meet the great Vincent
Herring and he would go to his house on the weekends to play. There, not only did they
become really great friends but Vincent started to call Brandon to sub for the Mingus big
band and other various gigs. This led Vincent to call Brandon for a month long tour in
Japan along side with the great Eric Alexander. Here he learned what it takes to be on
the road and also immersed himself in the Japanese tradition. Playing in the bebop
idiom, Brandon was able to really express his true self alongside the best saxophonist in
the world. This opened a whole new door for Brandon and now he is one of the top
tenor players in New York getting called for various gigs.



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